"The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings."
––Albert Schweitzer

“Male Energy,” Authoritarian Whiteness and Creeping Fascism in the Age of Trump
Paul Street, © Counterpunch
October 19, 2018

Who needs dystopian political fiction in the age of the orange-tinted monstrosity that calls itself Donald Trump [1]? Two Thursdays ago, as news came in of fatalities and massive destruction caused by a record-setting hurricane that slammed into the Florida Panhandle and Georgia the previous night, cable news buzzed with the story of a strange soap opera that had just unfolded in the Oval Office. In a bizarre reality television episode from the White House, the mentally disturbed Kardashian family member/victim Kanye West gave Trump a model “iPlane,” because, he said, “this is what our president should be flying in.”

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"Under Ronald Reagan in the United States and Margaret Thatcher in the U.K., there was a rewriting of the basic rules of capitalism. These two governments changed the rules governing labour bargaining, weakening trade unions, and they weakened anti-trust enforcement, allowing more monopolies to be created."
––Joseph Stiglitz

Canadian deported despite having served for US military
Richard Luscombe, © The Guardian
October 21, 2018

A Canadian army captain who fought alongside American troops in Afghanistan, and who is married to a former officer in the US air force, has been deported as Donald Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policies continue to break apart military families.

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"By the mid-1950s, more than a third of all America workers in the private sector were unionized. And the unions demanded and received a fair slice of the American pie."
––Robert Reich

From One Saturday to Another: A Tale of Two Massacres
Norman Stockwell, © The Progressive
October 20, 2018

October 20 forty-five years ago was also a Saturday night, one that became known in history as the “Saturday Night Massacre.” It happened in 1973, when President Richard Nixon sought to take the investigative pressure off his administration as the Watergate scandal was heating up by firing special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus both refused to do the deed and resigned. The task was ultimately performed by the solicitor general, a little-known lawyer named Robert Bork, whom Ronald Reagan later unsuccessfully sought to appoint to the Supreme Court.

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"Before there were unions, there was no middle class. "
–– Michael Moore

This Video Perfectly Captures How the US Failed to Combat Climate Change
DAN SPINELLI, © MotherJones
October 16, 2018

After a week of near-nonstop, dire climate news, Vox published a 12-minute video today that painfully illustrates how repeatedly the US failed to make an effective stand against global warming. Beginning, fittingly, with Al Gore—”I’ve been trying to tell this story for 30 years”—the video traces the history of broken promises, failed legislative efforts, and obfuscations since 2006, with cameos from George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and, of course, Donald Trump.

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