REMEMBER ME Lola Schnabel


First in our series of artist made books, "Remember Me," introduces Lola Schnabel's drawings and photographs. As Rene Ricard notes in his text, "The foregoing images have mostly been drawn from Lola Schnabel's notebooks and the Polaroids she's taken over the last few years. Possessing a febrile and precocious imagination, Lola's drawings make no effort to ingratiate or charm the viewer. On the contrary, her imagery is tough, sometimes pathological and always disturbing. . . . Lola's photos offer a gentler narrative. Friends and relatives are here but seen the way we see people in dreams-a little to the side and recontextualized in a new, hyper-significant landscape. Hardcover, 9 x 6 inches, 26 pages, 32 reproductions Limited edition of 1,000 copies; signed and numbered ISBN: 0-9721436-2-9


NEW 2017 EDITION, with Additonal Text & Art

52 Pages, Hardcover

$30 5$ SPECIAL