ON THE WAY HOME Anne Fishbein


In 1990, Anne Fishbein made her first trip to Yaroslavl, Russia by participating in a feature film--she has returned with her own still camera almost every year since. Part of what draws her back each year is the city's timelessness. "The people there say themselves that under Communism they were, in some ways, frozen in time," she says. "Now people seem to talk endlessly about the need to 'catch up' with the West. Even so, there are some things about Yaroslavl and other parts of Russia that will never change, for whatever economic, philosophical, or political reasons. And its those kinds of images that I'm drawn to with my camera." The photographs are less about moments specific to the Russian culture, focused more on time and place ambiguity. Foreword by filmmaker Chris Schmidt, and introduction by Los Angeles County Museum of Art curator Robert Sobieszek.

11.5 x 9.25 inches. ISBN 0-9721436-4-5, Hardcover, dustjacket, 118 pages. First Edition.